Finding the right surgeon for you

Hopefully, whether we live in Florida or elsewhere, none of us will ever need the services of a surgeon.  Not because we don’t like surgeons, but because the idea of laying still on an operating table whilst men and women covered by surgical masks cut part of you open is surely not at the top of anyone’s priority list.

Unless the surgery is a life saving surgery, or one that will make your life better and since this website is all about the good life, then why not avail ourselves of the best doctors.

There are many websites with information on how to find a surgeon and I guess the most authoritative one is the American College of Surgeons which was founded in 1913 and where surgeons are referred to as Fellows.

But, however prestigious this body might be, humans are unique creatures and appeal to one another for a whole number of reasons.  This is true with our doctors also.  I for example need to be able to relate to my doctor and I have changed physicians in the past because the previous one didn’t do it for me. It’s not they were not competent enough, because they certainly were. Rather it was a personality issue and I needed someone more in tune with me.

Some will argue that a Surgeon is different.  After all surgeons’ patients are usually under anesthesia when undergoing procedures so who cares about how personable they are right? It’s a question of opinion I suppose. A surgeon who scheduled to perform a benign procedure on me once, one I had personally “vetted” happened not to be available for the day of the procedure. I had waited for a long time so when the nurses came and told me she couldn’t make it but someone as good could, I agreed. The procedure was a success, the new surgeon proved to be highly skilled but when he came to see me after the op, I really didn’t connect with him. That was a few years ago, that particular medical condition is all cleared now, and yet, all I remember is that my own doctor did it.

Funny how the mind works, don’t you think?

I mentioned Florida at the top of this article, simply because a good friend of mine is about to be operated on by a Surgeon in that state.  She’s flown from abroad to see this Florida Surgeon who was recommended to her by common friends.  I know this doctor, I could even see a case where I might select him if, god forbid, one day I need to go back to the operating room.

I hope I don’t have to meet him… Yet…

To your health,



Oh C’est Si Bon


There is a song my Nanny used to sing to my brother and I when we were in kids…

My Nanny… A woman who had spent the four long years of her teenage year in a German camp and who refused to leave smile when at long last the allies arrived.

Living as she had in the aftermath of the second world war, with all the evil that took place, she had to choice to make…

Lament about how tough life was or… Sing about it.

And sing she did… One particular song which she had learned in a dozen different languages. It was always the same, a catchy tune which plays in my head whenever my mind loses itself in the shadows of stress.

The song was… is… C’est si bon…

Here is one version, by none other than Dean Martin.  There are several dozen more…

I hope you enjoy it.

If you want to know more about the origins of the song, here is good place to start.  I mean it… HERE.

We should all have a song, an anchor to hold on to when the going gets tough.  For me it is one, and the memory of an old woman who used to smile so much, even after she had lost everything.

This site is for you Granny.

C’est si bon la vie…