Oh C’est Si Bon


There is a song my Nanny used to sing to my brother and I when we were in kids…

My Nanny… A woman who had spent the four long years of her teenage year in a German camp and who refused to leave smile when at long last the allies arrived.

Living as she had in the aftermath of the second world war, with all the evil that took place, she had to choice to make…

Lament about how tough life was or… Sing about it.

And sing she did… One particular song which she had learned in a dozen different languages. It was always the same, a catchy tune which plays in my head whenever my mind loses itself in the shadows of stress.

The song was… is… C’est si bon…

Here is one version, by none other than Dean Martin.  There are several dozen more…

I hope you enjoy it.

If you want to know more about the origins of the song, here is good place to start.  I mean it… HERE.

We should all have a song, an anchor to hold on to when the going gets tough.  For me it is one, and the memory of an old woman who used to smile so much, even after she had lost everything.

This site is for you Granny.

C’est si bon la vie…


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